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Terms of Use and, privacy Policy. 2000 protected species of which 15 are unique to Kew and extinct outside these gardens. I am aware that my consent may..
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or servo-manipulation systems for use in sterile, hazardous, or contaminated environments began during wwii with the handling of radioactive materials; initially in the form of insulated gripper arms named "Waldo" (being a cognate of 'rule' or 'command after the 1942 novel. BSA : Brigade Support Area. Also, informal reference to a woman's breasts (eg: hang loose, topside, high pockets, MAE west, pirate'S dream) or to a man's testes / testicles (eg: onions, hang loose). Nb: a screenplay of the same name by Don McGuire and Millard Kaufman is based upon the story "Bad Day at Hondo" by Howard Breslin, instead of the book by Michael Niall badge : a special mark, emblem, blazon, token, or device representing membership, achievement. Baby shit : a wwii-era dysphemism for mustard sauce, probably associated with the color called "baby shit yellow also known as "baby-poo". Produced on leather and silk, nylon and Tyvek, many have been kept as wartime souvenirs, despite being serial numbered. I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others. See BAY, PIP, scrambled-eggs, spaghetti, farts 'n' darts, rhip, caste, roughshod; compare chrome-dome, little people, swine LOG. Nb: when 5th sfgabn departed RVN on, the cover assignment for SOG advisors was changed to usarv; so berets were no longer authorized, hence the distinctive (but unofficial) black baseball-style HAT was adopted by SOGgies blackhawk : the UH-/MH-60 single-rotor utility helicopter, successor to huey;.

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Literary magazine publishing an assortment of military terms of the modern era.
L 'valuation de l 'ducation.
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Body politic : see THE code promo pingouin car chattering class, peanut gallery, grassroots, third estate. We just got here!" by Lloyd Williams; "If he can fight, he advances and takes the offensive; if he cannot fight, he retreats and remains on the defensive. Also, the inner surface of a hollow cylindrical chamber, especially inside the barrel of a gun, whether smooth or rifled (with "lands and grooves see rifling, smoothbore. V: gypsy cab band OF brothers : a phrase, expressive of loyalty and comradeship, that was excerpted from a monologue We few, we happy few, we band of brothers by King Henry V, which has since been adopted as a designation for a military unit. Heinlein later known as the "Waldo. Banana bolo : banana bolo an unmarked (sterile) curved blade banana" shaped) jungle knife, about 16" overall with an 11" blade, sharpened on the inside edge around to the curved-tip for chopping, with an unfinished wooden handle and housed in a canvas scabbard; it was. A unit may operate in or away from its base camp. V: Aunt Sally, Jack-a-Lent, cockshy, clay pigeon, sitting duck, mark, gull, dupe, pigeon, prey, quintain, wand, hit list Also, a small circular opening or window set into a roof, ship's deck or overhead, used to admit light; compare deadlight, porthole. Bitch BOX : slang for the electrical intercom system connecting offices or departments within a building, or building to building within a unit (as from orderly room to barracks also known as a squawk BOX; as derived from complain or gripe (bitching, bitchy). The removal of leeches (averaging 3"-5 by cigarette burn works well, but regular insect repellent is wonderful, since it strangles their breathing, makes them vomit all the blood they sucked, and then suffocates them!